Let the stars guide you to zodiac jewelry—the chic, minimalist trend you’ll love


Let the stars guide you to zodiac jewelry—the chic, minimalist trend you’ll love

Let the stars guide you to zodiac jewelry—the chic, minimalist trend you’ll love

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these last few years, you know that astrology has cemented itself as a major part of the current zeitgeist—cropping up everywhere from viral Instagram accounts that create zodiac memes we see ourselves in to makeup brands that assign different shades to each sun sign. Even the fashion industry has gotten in on the zodiac fun. Once reserved for more spiritual, “against the grain” folks and frequently associated with a certain New Age stereotype (think Lily Tomlin’s character, Frankie, on Grace and Frankie), today astrology has widened its target demographic and is reaching, well, everyone, it seems.

And if you’ve hopped on board, the latest way to pledge your allegiance to your zodiac sign is by wearing it on your neck, earlobes, wrists, or fingers.

Often in the form of dainty gold designs, zodiac jewelry is the perfect intersection of chic and interesting. Awkward silence at a party? You can bet your fellow partygoers will ask about the tiny symbol dangling from your wrist.

From Mejuri to Swarovski to Tiffany & Co., some of our favorite brands are getting in on the zodiac jewelry trend—and we can’t get enough. So swipe on your zodiac-themed lipstick, finish reading Susan Miller’s predictions for your sign this month, and shop the zodiac jewelry we’ve hand-picked for your sign below.

1. Stone and Strand Zodiac Earring—Aries

Stone and Strand zodiac jewelry
Stone and Strand | $65

This tiny single earring is impossibly chic.

2. Mejuri Taurus Necklace

Mejuri zodiac jewelry
Mejuri | $79

Mejuri’s zodiac collection has been a hit—and it’s easy to see why.

3. AlluringGrace Zodiac Bracelet—Gemini

AlluringGrace zodiac jewelry
AlluringGrace | $17.95

Wear your sign around your wrist, and support an Etsy artist while you’re at it.

4. Urban Outfitters Zodiac Mini Pendant Necklace Set—Cancer

Urban Outfitters zodiac jewelry
Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters | $24

Cancers—we know you love this tiny crab pendant.

5. Wanderlust + Co Leo Zodiac Gold Earrings

Wanderlust + Co. zodiac jewelry
Wanderlust + Co.
Wanderlust + Co. | $39

Constellation designs are the more subtle way to rock your zodiac sign.

6. FashionNova Virgo Ring

FashionNova zodiac jewelry
FashionNova | $5.99

For when you want to spell it out for people (classic Virgo).

7. Tiffany & Co. Libra Zodiac Charm

Tiffany & Co. zodiac jewelry
Tiffany & Co.
Tiffany & Co. | $250

Libras, add this to a charm bracelet or keychain, or wear it around your neck as a pendant.

8. Victoria Emerson Scorpio Pendant Necklace

Victoria Emerson zodiac jewelry
Victoria Emerson
Victoria Emerson | $29

We love the dark, charcoal shade of this chic Scorpio necklace.

9. Swarovski Zodiac Pendant—Sagittarius

Swarovski zodiac jewelry
Swarovski | $89

The best part of this stunning Swarovski pick is that you can keep adding pendants to it, if you wish.

10. Brilliant Paths Capricorn Ring

Brilliant Paths zodiac jewelry
Brilliant Paths
Brilliant Paths | $20

Rose gold? Check. Adjustable? Check. You’ll never want to take this off.

11. Sterling Forever Zodiac Pendant Necklace—Aquarius

Sterling Forever zodiac jewelry
Sterling Forever | $62

The perfect layering necklace.

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