10 easy Easter nail art ideas you can do at home


10 easy Easter nail art ideas you can do at home

10 easy Easter nail art ideas you can do at home

With spring underway, we couldn’t be more excited about the warmer days ahead and afternoons (hopefully) spent in the sun. And with Easter around the corner, there’s also the opportunity for fun, cute Easter nail art.

This year, instead of spending Easter Sunday with our friends and family, those of us who are celebrating will be spending it at home as we practice social distancing in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, but that doesn’t mean we should lose our holiday spirit. On the contrary, this is an opportunity to create a festive environment for yourself. So bring on the Peeps! Bring on the copious amounts of chocolate and eat as much of it as you want! And, of course, bring on the pastel-colored nails!

Below, 10 easy Easter nail art ideas you can DIY at home:

Easter nail art idea: Peter Rabbit and his snacks

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Copy this pretty mani by first applying a cornflower blue base, then either painting on the carrots and a rabbit with the help of a slim nail art brush, or by using nail art stickers. In the end, seal in your design with a topcoat for extra shine and longevity.

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Easter nail art idea: groovy spring palette patterns

This easy-to-create nail art design can be adapted to fit any festive season depending on your color palette choice, and this one screams “happy spring days.” To recreate, first apply a nude base, then, using your nail art brush, draw on slim squiggles from the bottom left corner of your nail up to the top right. To finish, seal them in with a shiny topcoat.

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Easter nail art idea: rainbow-like French mani

The French mani just took a colorful spin with this playful version. To recreate, take your favorite nail polish colors in muted rainbow-like shades and apply them to the tips. Once applied, take a disposable beauty sponge and lightly dab it onto the lower parts of your nail to recreate that subtle and effortless ombré effect. To finish, apply a topcoat.

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Easter nail art idea: basic colors with fun prints

If you lean toward bright colors versus pastel shades, this nail art design is for you. Take orange, yellow, green, and cornflower blue polishes and use one per nail. Be creative and switch up how you paint on the base, whether you cover the whole surface of your nail, do a half-circle, or paint half the nail horizontally. Then, take an Easter-inspired nail art sticker to apply rabbits, carrots, and flowers. Seal them in with a handy topcoat.

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Easter nail art idea: Cadbury eggs

Recreate this pretty mani by first applying a base coat in a pastel shade, then using a stamping plate with black polish to get the speckled print, and finish up by applying a matte topcoat.

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Easter nail art idea: pink and blue ombré

Nothing screams “spring” like pastel colors do, and this subtle nail art is the perfect place to start. To recreate, first apply your light blue nail polish to the bottom half of your nail, then apply the baby pink polish to the top. Once both shades have dried, add some of your pink polish and apply it to your nail sponge, then gently dab it over the middle area of your nail to create that seamless ombré.

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Easter nail art idea: pastel polka dots

If you loved the Cadbury-inspired nails but are looking for an easier alternative, try polka dots instead. Paint on your base colors, and once they’ve dried take a slim nail art brush to lightly paint on white polka dots (in a pinch, toothpicks work too!). Just make sure to use a highly pigmented white shade to avoid having to reapply several times.

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Easter nail art idea: flower power

Over a layer of dried, clear nail polish, place a flower-printed nail art sticker and seal it in with a topcoat. Creating nail art has never been easier!

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Easter nail art idea: Easter stationery

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Mix and match your nails to create this festive manicure. Alternate between polka-dots, rabbits, and chicks with the help of your nail art brushes or an appropriate nail wrap set.

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Easter nail art idea: Peeps bunnies

Easter wouldn’t be complete without a box of Peeps, or at least, nail art that honors the iconic snack brand. To achieve this look, first apply a white base color and let it dry. Then, using your nail art brushes, outline the silhouette of the Peeps bunny and then fill it in. Once that’s dry, paint on the eyes and nose with dark brown nail polish. If that seems a little too hard, you can always use nail art stickers or nail wraps instead.

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