Your HelloGiggles weekly horoscope: June 7th to June 13th: Emotions are out of control this week


Your HelloGiggles weekly horoscope: June 7th to June 13th: Emotions are out of control this week

Your HelloGiggles weekly horoscope: June 7th to June 13th: Emotions are out of control this week

The Gemini Sun and Neptune, which is riding the tender waves of Pisces, square off on June 11th, bring emotional sentiments to the forefront of your heart and mind. Later that day, Venus, which is in retrograde in Gemini, gets a healing touch from the asteroid Chiron, which is in Aries. While June 11th will bring your emotions to a head, you’ll mend fences with yourself and others in the evening. Mars and Neptune link up in illusive Pisces on June 13th, which will hold you back from moving forward after you’ve made up with others.

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It’s time for you to focus your energy on healing yourself. Once you have energized your spirit, then it’s time to give back to the collective. After all, you can’t let your loving cup overflow. You have to make sure you give yourself the strength to give to others first.


What are your goals? It’s time to write down your dreams and start manifesting what you love. Keep your vision close to your heart and don’t share with others until you are ready. This way, you can make sure it happens. Give it all you can on a personal level.


You’re feeling lost in the shuffle this week, which will heighten your emotions. Before swimming in the deep end of your feelings, take stock of the positive things in your life. This will give you more energy to embrace the good vibes you have going on, rather than the negatives.


Feeling stuck is not a sentiment you get well with, as you’re constantly on the move just like the waves of the ocean. Before you have a chance to cry over your inertia, take a moment to breathe and regroup. This way, you’ll be able to make moves fast.


You like to show off everything that goes on in your life all the time. The caveat is that you’re finding it’s now time to chill on flaunting your material and professional wealth. Even though it may be hard, try to be humble.


There appears to be an emotional standstill in your one-on-one relationships. It will be uncomfortable to break the ice with peers who you may have had issues with, but it’s necessary to do to maintain healthy friendships. It’s important to speak up about your issues and accept accountability, too.


While organizing is extremely hard for anyone, you’ll now see how challenging it can be. You’re having a hard time juggling your to-do lists. Do as many tasks as you can without putting pressure on yourself. Then, you can work at your own pace.


You’re changing your whole creative process, which will create a ton of inner turmoil. You may become frustrated throughout the process, resulting in confusion and annoyance. But be patient with yourself to ensure the ideas flow freely without a hitch.


Connecting with a spiritual or philosophical belief is important for you to do this week, as it will serve to ground and center your anxieties. Meditation or yoga will also help connect you to a deeper understanding of yourself throughout the week. This will even give more depth and insight to your inner passions.


It’s never too late to change the way you think, even if you’re set in your old ways. With a little flexibility and an open mind, you will be able to process and hear novel ideas that will elevate your mind and spirit. Before you shut sentiments down—hear them out.


Taking a stand amongst your peer group will be hard, especially when you’re all fighting for the same cause. The caveat is that your beliefs may be more radical and progressive than theirs, which could spark friendly debates. Use facts instead of words to prove your point.


PSA: This week will find your heart at odds with your mind. The truth of the matter is that you don’t want to believe what you see as reality, as it will shake up your core beliefs. Sometimes our ideals need to be broken down in order to bring change.

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